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I have the same download problem others have raised before. The Download Manager shows the download at 99% and never continues or completes. Often it just fails repeatedly on the same file so I cannot. 17 May Recently some customers reported that sometimes downloads seem to hang at “ 1 sec remaining” and 99% in the new IE9 download manager. Actually the files seem to be complete as renaming the “.partial” files seems to work. There are several things that you can try to mitigate this: 1)Open Internet. many times when I download a file, it stops with 1 sec remaining. sits there for a while and then aborts. could be any site. only started happening recently. what could it be? I tried turning off my av, didn't help.

24 Aug For some reason, everything I've attempted to download today using Firefox has hung up at 1 second. This applies to all files from multiple download locations. Some of the files do appear to be downloading anyways, but in the browser, they aren't finishing. I also can't cancel the downloads, cause when I. Whenever I copy large files (Movie size, think MB+), the copy progresses very fast (~MB/s) until it reaches about 99% where it gets stuck for about 30 seconds to a minute, and it says "Time remaining: 5 seconds" during all that time. I have this problem with any flash drive, in any USB port (2 & 3). Chrome Version: (Official Build ) m. Operating System: Windows 7. Extensions: AdBlock Plus , Feedly , Zotero Connector Re: Downloads at %, 0 sec remaining, but never finish; file opens fine, Tanner Viertel, 11/24/13 AM. I'm having almost the same problem.

I tried to install El Capitan from a USB drive and it would get stuck at "1 second remaining" with an error in the log. I rebooted and held down command-r. This loaded the internet restore, and let me install OS X Lion. Once Lion installed I was able to use the app store to install El Capitan. share|improve this. 8 Feb NBA player LeBron James scored in the last second of the match to hand his team Cleveland Cavaliers a win over Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday. With scores tied at apiece and seconds left in the overtime, James blocked a potential game-winning shot before sinking his fade-away shot. quote: Every time. I hate excessive beeping. It ends up irritating my BF because he can't stand when there's on the display, and I don't think to cancel it after I close the door. He's constantly coming behind me to clear it. Oh well. In my house , that's a piihb offense. Back to top. Reply. Replies (0). Options.


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