Preferences -> UI Settings -> WHen Adding Torrents -> UNCHECK the option " Show option to change the name and location of the torrent data")." />

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Utorrent clear locations

Every time I select a new download location, it gets added to the list; now that some of these directories don't exist, they are simply clutter. How can this list be reset? I cannot find an option to do so in the preferences. I have already tried removing the file completely with the app closed. Everytime i download a torrent in a different location, this location is stored in the "save as" box, the list start to become very big, is possible to clear this recent history folder only? I see but the file you mention is a big mess, there is not separator between settings, all. Member; emeralds; Established Members; 0; 20 posts. Report post. Posted October 27, The only way I can see the previous directories is at the "add new torrent" screen, there's no delete option and if I select one of the former deadend directories as the download location it just doesn't download.

I try to delete it, and add another torrent, and sometimes only the firstly added torrent file is shown in the "Hidden" and all others are missing from (Options -> Preferences -> UI Settings -> WHen Adding Torrents -> UNCHECK the option " Show option to change the name and location of the torrent data"). Jul 17, uTorrent is one of the most effective ways to download data from the internet. Large sized data files can easily be downloaded with the super efficient uTorrent. This software generally stores the history of downloads as well as the uploads from the previous thirty-one days. This history of the downloads can. Not exactly sure what you mean but if your wanting to change the location for your completed downloads in a specific folder click options- preferences- directories, Tick ''Move completed downloads to:'' Then select your destination. If that's not right then there is red cross in the middle of the tab of utorrent.

The Problem: Uninstalling uTorrent can be tricky sometimes, ifuTorrent was not properly installed, it will not be listed in the Add/Remove program, users would find no where to remove uTorrent but have to delete the installation folder directly , however, this won't bring you any help, even you delete the folder, uTorrent will . Hi, I downloaded a torrent on a different folder than usual, but now I want to delete it from the history. (When you add a torrent, there's a list with the. May 28, What you can do is either delete it and add it once again or start the download directly from the right-click menu. i have utorrent and have no options at all to view the 'hidden' thing like you do. there is not way to expand labels at all. it just shows a screen that shows 'auto label' or 'label-directory mapping'.


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