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Stealth patched xbox 360 games download

Stealth patched xbox 360 games

25 Mar Whatever your intentions, learn how to burn your precious games with Stealth Patch in this instructional video. Don't worry - your secret is safe with us. What You Will Need: +R Dual Layer DVD Burner +R Dual Layer DVD Modded Xbox (Self Explanatory) Imgburn - Download here: 8 Jul If you have a hacked XBox , you've only accomplished part of the process required to allow you to played burned copies of games on your console. You also have to burn the games correctly, and part of doing that is stealth patching you ISO files to make sure that they are up-to-date and won't get you. 12 May IMPORTANT NOTICE! ABGX has been moved to a new "temporary new host" I urge you to read this first! Since patching with ABGX doesn't.

22 Dec Alright now I should have done this before making my How to Burn a Game guide first since this is what you want to do in the beginning. So here we go- How to stealth patch your games. Things you will need- iso file. .dvd file optional) 2. ABGX tutorial. Server file abgxdat no newer than local file - not retrieving N:\Downloads\ MPLEX\ is valid Checking Game ISO: "N:\Downloads\MPLEX\ " Size: bytes Files in ISO: First of all you need a flashed xbox for these games to work I recommend flashing a BenQ drive as it is by far the easiest if anyone needs help with this PM me or watch the video below. How to flash a BenQ.

25 Sep Here is a basic noob guide on how to stealth patch and burn xbox games using abgx and imgburn. I reccomend using these discs: -cat .com/catalog/images/Verbatim_DVD+ Files you will. Stealth patching patches a game image to make it ignore the security check done by the Xbox console upon boot. If you use a stealth firmware, you will need to patch your backup. You can do this with a tool called abgxAUR, which can be found in the AUR. abgx works


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