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Get instant access to search and more every time you open your browser by setting your homepage to Google. You can quickly get to Google every time you open your browser by making Google your homepage. Change your homepage. Choose a browser below, then follow the steps on your computer. If you don't see your browser below, go to the " Help" section of your browser and look for information on how to change your. 28 Apr Google is the go-to search engine for nearly everyone on the planet. Here's how to set it as your browser homepage so you can browse the Web with ease.

25 Feb Google is the card catalog to the modern-day Library of Alexandria. How else to get to the billion pages that sum up pretty much all of human knowledge? If you want to start each new day with a glance at Google (and those doodles), here's how to set as your homepage on the desktop and. How to Make Google Your Home Page. This wikiHow teaches you how to set Google as your browser's home page. You can do this on the desktop versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari, as well as the. How to Make Google Your Homepage on Chrome. Google is likely your default homepage on Chrome, but if your homepage got changed at some point, you may want to know how to change it back. Alternatively, you may also be looking for a way to.

22 Sep However, if for some reason your homepage changes to something else, you can reset it by going to the options menu in the top-left hand corner of the browser, clicking on settings and navigating to the start-up options. It will by default be set to the 'new tab' option, which will be the google search bar, along. Internet browsers are preloaded with a default homepage, often or , which opens upon launching your Web browser. These preset pages can be easily changed to launch a default homepage of your choice. The steps for changing the default homepage vary slightly depending on your Internet browser.


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