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Home › Gallery › Interactive (image) › Scion › Scion Speak. Scion: Scion Speak. Published on Mar 26, Editor's Pick. No description available. Rate this Ad. You must be registered to rate this ad. Please Login or Register Now. About. Credits. Date: Mar 26, Client: Scion. Agency: StrawberryFrog Amsterdam. Mar 27, Become a member of the Scion clan with your very own coat of arms. Mar 25, You know, after all these years, I still enjoy a good "design your own (thing normally designed by professionals)." But the emphasis has to be on the word good, and that's where StrawberryFrog earns points with its Scion Speak site, which lets you create a customized logo. According to The New York Times.

Scion Speak was created for Scion Enthusiasts as a way for them to celebrate the customization culture that existed within the community. In order to get inside their enthusiast heads, myself and my team traveled to LA and Chicago to ride along with members of the various car clubs so we could come up with something. Mar 31, The Scion Speak site enables users to create their own individual crests. The website offers an array of images and symbols that can be merged together to form a visual representation of the user; their interests, passions and loves. Muito bacana este site onde você pode criar um brasão com seu estilo. Por la você encontra todo tipo de apetrechos e acessórios: escudos, símbolos, cores, faixa.

Mar 25, Are you rocking your Black Berry Crush Metallic XB with carbon fiber window trim , LED taillights, and cup holder illumination, but it still feels like you just don't stand out from the crowd? Well Scion feels you, and they're here to help. The company is known for out of the box advertising, and their latest idea is. Mar 24, The campaign, called Scion Speak, was created by StrawberryFrog, an advertising and marketing agency based in New York and Amsterdam that is known for its quirkiness and for representing new or hipster brands. The agency spent six months last year escorting a graffiti artist, Tristan Eaton, around.


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