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I hadn't spent much time with Esme alone. I was rarely without Edward, and that was fine with me. Every once on a while, however, I knew he really liked going on a hunting trip with his brothers. It made me smile to think of them horsing around and laughing. I was glad he had them. My boys had left from Alaska with the. We sat around the Denali's kitchen table. Eleazar sat next to Carmen as Edward sat next to me. There were about twenty that still remained. Kate and Garrett were on their honeymoon, but the rest of the Denalis, the Cullens, Zafrina, Benjamin, Peter, and Charlotte, were still there. Since becoming a vampire, Jacob. This chapter is Bella Cullen's first diary entry post-Breaking Dawn. Forever Dawn. It was a beautiful night. Our daughter slept soundly, barely moving, and dreamed of pleasant things, as Edward told me. I was so happy that she was finally getting a deep rest. I would not have slept well the past few months if I'd been her.

Dear Diary, I am Bella Marie Cullen a Vampire. I used to be Bella Marie Swan but I married the love of my life Vampire Edward Mason Cullen. I love him so much, we have a daughter called Renesmee Carlie Cullen. She was born while I was still Human. Amazing isn't it? We live in Forks a small town just in Washington. 16 Mar I saw Alice sitting with the rest of the Cullens. She motioned for me to come over, but I looked away pretending I didn't notice. I kept notice that Emmett wasn't there. I also took account that Rosalie would try to get him to talk to her, she even went all the way to kiss his forehead. I wanted to slap her, but I kept. 17 Nov This is co-written with my cousin, Sarah (xXxAngelSoPrecious). Both of us absolutely HATE Twilight. Sarah used to obsess but when I pointed out all the numerable flaws she hated it. So we've decided to write The Diary of Bella Swan because we hate those books so much. Thank you.:] You should not.

3 Aug This one, titled “Isle Esme, Part 2,” continues the adventures of Edward and Bella on the island on the occasion Continue reading →. Posted in Edward's Diary, Extras, Happy Holidays, Isle Esme, Missing Pieces, Together Away | Tagged Edward Cullen's Diary, Erotica, Isle Esme, Judy Canter, Julie Vans.


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