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Audio stream samp

Right click on a station link > copy link location. Then you should have a URL with extension. That is the URL that you use in PlayAudioStreamForPlayer. Code: [Include] Create And Point Arrows At Stuff. GTA 5: iggy Test Your Coding Skills. (). iggy1 is offline. iggy1. PlayAudioStreamForPlayer(playerid, url[], Float:posX, Float:posY, Float:posZ, Float:distance, usepos). Basically this function plays an online audio stream.. mostly in '.pls ' format ingame. we have 7 parameters out of which only 2 are compulsory playerid - the id of the player who will listen to the stream. new Float:Pos[3]; GetPlayerPos(playerid, Pos[0], Pos[1], Pos[2]); for(new i = 0; i < MAX_PLAYERS; i++) { if(IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(i, /*Ratio*/, Pos[0], Pos[1], Pos[ 2])) { PlayAudioStreamForPlayer(i, " dcdbcbc5b0e5b2f89c26fc1eedmp3"); } }.

Hello, i have a question about audio stream formats, if posibile to stream the aacp format to samp? Because it not working with the PlayAudioStreamForPlayer It possibile to make it working or i can abandon the idea? Code: PlayAudioStreamForPlayer(playerid, "http:///");. Hey guys i want to ask a little help i know the code to put in pawno for audio stream here is the song ?v=dLdIx0epx3U i want to convert it on an audio stream so it can play on my samp server anyone help me please? Satish1 is offline. Hey, I try to make a Random Audio stream. In the top of script: Code: new Float: RandomAudioStream[3][0] = { {"Link"}, {"Link"}, {"Link"} };. And at onplayerconnect : Code: new Random = random(sizeof(RandomAudioStream)); PlayAudioStreamForPlayer(playerid, RandomAudioStream[Random][0].

PlayAudioStreamForPlayer is not playing any music, but the "Audio Stream" message shows up. Opening the URL .mp3) in the web-browser works, but not in-game. All GTA audio-settings are turned on. Code: PlayAudioStreamForPlayer (playerid, "URL");. Darkwood17 is offline. Hello, Today I'm releasing this FS for everyone, Its too simply though. I'm new to scripting so don't go hard on me. I hope this would be useful to some of you. This is my first release. Commands: Admins: '/streamaudio' - 'stopmusicforall' -'/ streamhelp' Players: '/stopmusic' - '/streamhelp' Links: Pastebin.


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