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Mesmerize and captivate family, friends (and, if you're a Showtime Magician, your audience too) with your very own Hypnotizer! For a bit of Fun and silliness, Hypnotize a Sim and Command them to Act Like a Chicken! Hypnosis is a great way to make even the most uptight Sim build Fun. I'm thinking about buying the Hypnotizer? What I want to know, what do you July in The Sims 3 General Discussion. I'm thinking about buying the Gotten quite a bit of use out of it, too, but as you might guess I tend to do weird/ strange/creepy things with my sims.:twisted: The animations are fun, if a. Jun 28, The Sims 3 Store logo · The Sims 3 logo · The Hypnotizer (premium content for The Sims 3). Some time ago I received the Hypnotizer so I could write a review. I did play with it and made screens and videos. But before I could use them, the computer died, as you may have read in a couple of other posts.

May 13, The Sims 3 Store Content The Hypnotizer Store Page: ?productId=OFB-SIM&categoryId=§ion= UpSell. Descarga: Mediafire: Mega: Mesmerize and captivate family, friends (and, if you're a Showtime. Mar 9, There's a new Showtime-themed Set out in the Sims 3 Store that includes a new premium item.:) It's called Seeing Stars and looks very awesome! It even has one particular dress that looks exactly like one Lady Gaga once wore. ;D. Quote. For a performance that is mesmerizing both on stage and off, the. Mar 11, For a performance that is mesmerizing both on stage and off, the audience will be captivated (and controlled) when your Sim steps into the spotlight with The Hypnotizer, and full collection of the Show Stopping Styles! With the Seeing Stars Set, in no time at all, your Sims will be seeing stars! Why is it that.

By default, only several stage props are available in the game for Sims to buy. Players need to use SimPort in order to unlock more stage props as well as costumes. In addition to stage props and FX lights, Sims can also place the Hypnotizer, a premium content from The Sims 3 Store, and Singer and Magician magic.


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