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Was this a slippery slope movie? Is this the bottom for Joey? You'd think Timberlake would throw him a bone and save him from this nonsense, but he took a left somewhere when Justin took a right. Now he's just a lost soul treading in the depths of the entertainment industry and if he's going to do porn he better get to. I did not see any "Comedy" in this film. A Romantic story gets beat up and trashed by idiotic story telling that makes no sense at all. I felt like I was watching a train wreck, I just couldn't stop, and was wondering would happen next in this masterful piece of s**t. I would not recommend this movie to a friend or anyone else. 9 Oct Movie Info. Hopelessly depressed after walking in on his new wife and another woman, unhappily married Vince heads to Atlantic City with his three best friends, and finds that sometimes love shows up when you least expect it. Meanwhile, as Vince attempts to declare his love for his former high school.

Vince has carefully planned out every aspect of his seemingly successful life until his plans come crashing down around him just one day after his wedding, leaving his three under-qualified friends to pick up the pieces. As they head to Atlantic City for the wildest and most spontaneous weekend of their lives they'll be sure.


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