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Ghazal movie 1964

Gazal is a Urdu-Hindi romance musical film directed by Ved-Madan, starring Meena Kumari and Sunil Dutt. The muslim social film is about the right of young generation to the marriage of their choice. It had music by Madan Mohan with lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi, featuring notable filmi-ghazals such as "Rang Aur Noor. 14 Jun Check, check, check), has lyrics by my favourite lyricist (Sahir Ludhianvi), and had its songs composed by one of my favourite music directors (Madan Mohan— and how appropriate, too, for a film called Ghazal to be scored by the Ghazalon ka Shahzaada): to not watch this would be a crime, I thought. Juvenile-ish Sunil Dutt discovers what is love, god and life in the course of the film. Meena Kumari is hot and stylish, and gets a chance to recite poetry. Healthy dose of comedy, romance, tragedy. Lots of shairi and mushairas. I think all the songs are different parts of the same ghazal by Sahir Ludhianvi. It is to the credit of.

7 Oct I t wasn't without reason that the music world crowned him 'ghazal king' and the otherwise sceptical and insensitive Hindi film industry endorsed the sobriquet. Therefore, what better tribute to Madan Mohan on his 87th death anniversary but to recall his eight mellifluous melodies in the relatively forgotten. 31 Dec What do I say about this romance? Though the story is a tad slow and jumpy in parts, every blooper is balanced with the help of the splendid ghazals set to tune by Madan Mohan. Sunil Dutt is remarkable in the film as a young and handsome poet who has a no-holds barred approach to life. A History of the Hindi Film Song Ganesh Anantharaman. groove as the architect of the filmi ghazal, earning the sobriquet 'Ghazalon Ka Shehzaada' from Lata Mangeshkar. _ And it was Lata who It had to be Madan as composer for the movie Ghazal (), where he gave us 'Nagmae o-sher ki saugaat'. So prodigious is.


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