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I Like Turtles is a popular catchphrase uttered by Jonathan Ware, a ten-year-old boy who was visiting the Rose Festival in Portland, Oregon on May 31st, 24 Jul Remember that weird zombie kid who really likes turtles? The year was and a ten-year-old boy with a zombie face-paint job was asked by a news reporter in Portland if he liked his new look, his response was: ‘I like turtles’. And he greets his viewers with that classic. 7 Aug But none stranger and more oddly cute than the boy known to YouTube as the " Zombie Kid" who "Likes Turtles." In , thenyear-old Jonathon Ware uttered three words that would be heard by over 45 million people: "I like turtles." Considered one of TIME Magazine's 50 best YouTube videos, it is.

A responce to a boring question that you don't feel like answering. It may also, in rare cases, express one's true love of turltes. <3. Remember the “I like turtles” kid? Of course you do. The phrase uttered by Jonathan Ware back in was shared by millions in the years that followed. In fact, over the last nine years, those three little words have been viewed by over 52 million people, and a few years ago it was considered one [ ]. 25 Apr Jonathan went through a bit of a crazy whirlwind after "I like turtles" circulated the web quicker than nits around the classroom. Nowadays though he is in college and staying well out of the spotlight. In other turtle news, if you want to see some adorable footage of a baby turtle hatching then you know what to.

Where does I like turtles come from? At Portland, Oregon's Rose Festival on May 31, , a young boy named Jonathon was being interviewed by a reporter who inquired about the zombie face paint he'd received at the festival. She asked, “ Jonathon just got an awesome face paint job. What do you think?” Jonathon.


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