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Monitoring Interface Bandwidth Utilization Using Cacti /20/nagios-bw-monitor/. This Python plugin will alert when the average bandwidth utilization of a network interface exceeds the configured thresholds. It uses data that is already being captured on a remote (or local) Cacti server rather than. Download NPC NOTE: If you are upgrading there is a sql file in the root of plugins/npc called Run this against your cacti database. It adds a handful of indexes to the npc tables. Skip this if doing a clean install. Code: cd cacti_home>/plugins/npc mysql -u USERNAME -p. This thread is out of date. Please use Nagios Plugin for Cacti (NPC) for comments and questions. I have finally decided to rewrite NPC this time including all the features I want to see. It is not ready for an initial release yet but I wanted to show a few screenshots and list out some of the features to give.

29 Sep However, a few plugins are available which perform similar functions to the report software available on Nagios. Keep in mind that, unlike Pandora FMS, neither Nagios or Cacti operate under the philosophy that a report is a highly polished end product, something fit to be presented to a senior manager. 16 Feb Download Nagios Plugin for Cacti for free. A complete Nagios user interface replacement integrated into Cacti. 17 Sep Nagios cacti integration configuration. The required software: nagios-plugins .gz. ntop-vtgz monitor-vtgz

provide systems fault and performance monitoring. These three projects are NAGIOS,. Cacti, and Prism. 1. Introduction. Nagios, Cacti, and Prism are part of the core. Operational Monitoring strategy at NERSC. 2. What is Nagios? Nagios is a fault monitoring software package with plugin support. The plugin support allows. I'm not sure on how Cacti interacts with Nagios, but I do have the pnp4nagios plugin/extension installed and configured for one of my Nagios Instances which gives me a great overview in graphs for the services I monitor. (not all of them, but only those who are variable and are usefull to see in a graph) It's a really nice tool. Cacti is a graphing system, which does not have alerting capabilities (at least not years ago when I used it last, and there's no mention of it on the Cacti site). Cacti can alert based on thresholds using the thold plugin, but Nagios can do so much more (passive checks, handle flapping more gracefully.


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