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Asus p5q efi download

Asus p5q efi

31 Jul Hi, i'm wondering if someone is able to port the P5Q Deluxe EFI Bios ASUS has made a EFI Bios for the P5Q Deluxe that is very similar to the. 19 Oct DELUXE-EFIzip (EFI BIOS - Beta). The P5Q is an Intel® P45 chipset-based motherboard that combines powerful performance with great energy efficiency; and supports DDR2 MHz.

5 Oct Hi, is there already a EFI Bios for the P5Q Pro? And if not, can i Hopefully ASUS is continuing to tinker with it for future boards. It does look. I look forward to hearing from someone even if it is just to tell me that its impossible. Cheers P5Q-ASUS-DELUXE-EFI I originally followed the instructions included with the EFI bios file that is found on ASUS website under "Services"; "Support"; "Download"; and.

Just wanted to let the smart people here know about it just in case it helps in some way Sorry if this has already been posted. I did a search but couldn't find any mention of it. Just thought I'd let you guys know that Asus has released. FYI, Asus actually released EFI for P5Q deluxe. This baby is a different type of bios, although there seem to be some issues. Read here.


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