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Leopard for ibook g4

I have an old iBook G4 Ghz, G ram (installed 1GB card in addition to the original MB) and 60G hard drive. I am getting the spinning color wheel that does not go away and cannot get any response without forcing a power off and restarting. I am trying to do a full erase and reinstall of Leopard but. 23 Feb I attempted to install Leopard (build 9A)on my MHz iBook G4 GB RAM using Leopard Installer to give a default MHz speed but without. No, I have a Black Disc in retail box, and also what ram do I need to add to mb onboard the iBook G4 mhz? 01/21/ by Michael You'll want to max out the RAM before installing , because Leopard's RAM demands are much greater than Tiger (). A lot of things are going to slow down;.

Just in case someone is still wondering if this is actually working: I've just installed Leopard successfully on a G4 MHz iBook ( GB RAM). I simply started it holding the T key in order to run it in FireWire target disk mode. Then I installed Leopard from my G4 Dual GHz PowerMac on the iBook's. 17 Aug Hello there people, I was wondering anyone could help me my partner has a old apple ibook g4 laptop with a very old os on and she does not the admin password for it cos the school she bought it from had it and doubt they would know it now they used to do all upgrades but left school about 4 years ago. 31 Jan So does it really matter whether you are running Tiger or Leopard? I am raising this question because my iBook G4, which was running Leopard, recently died of a logic board failure, and its replacement (which should arrive shortly) is a Titanium PowerBook G4. It is a MHz model and therefore only.

Hi guys,I downloaded the ( GB) and I tried to boot from it on my ibook G4 Ghz, GB RAM but it just wont boot and it goes back i. 22 Sep want to install leopard on my ibook g4 - I have an ibook G4, but its the model that the OSX Leopard installer wont allow to the installation. I hear there are ways around this- How can.


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